How To Contact Google Support

While you can’t contact Google support directly, there are still a couple of tips and tricks you can employ to reach their team. In fact, the only time you can talk to Google is when you need some assistance for a specific service.

In most circumstances, Google won’t solve your issue since most of the instruction is available online. Also, pay attention to emails and phone numbers because many of them are actually scams.

Understand how everything works

Keep in mind that Google can’t help you with things such as password reset or account recovery. However, what they have is the list of common help topics with detailed instructions, which can walk you through common problems.


Even though this isn’t a substitute for actual phone support, you can still find valuable information. This might be your only alternative to fix your problems. So, here’s are the necessary steps.

First, find the Google Support page online and then select the product you are having trouble with. For instance, if you have issues with Gmail, then click on the Gmail option. Here you will find a lot of available support sources, and see the list of common topics.

Now, pick the support recourse category. Once you click on the category, you will see how the window expands to show you more specific options. It involves a lot of recourse, which can help you fix your problem.

However, you’ll have to read the article carefully and follow the instructions to details if you want to find a solution. Sometimes, you’ll have to employ multiple sources to solve your problems. If you want to avoid these categories, you can always use a search bar, which leads you directly to a topic.

Contact Google directly

You should understand that there is only a couple of ways to reach Google directly. Unless you a reporter or a G suite administrator, then your options are pretty much limited. Additionally, many people are scammed by false numbers, which circulate all the time across the web.


To avoid any scams, only call a number that is listed explicitly on Google document. The same rule applies to email addresses. Additionally, Google staff will never request you to submit your phone number, chat conversation, or password.

On the other hand, if you are a member of a press team and you want to contact Google, then you can send them an email. But, Google may not respond to your email because they only accept requests from established members of the press.

Apply for a job

Applying for a job is the final way in which you can contact Google directly. For available positions, visit their career page and then change your location to see the list of current employment options.

Once you find the appropriate position, according to your level of skills, click apply, and follow instructions. If you satisfy their requirements, then someone will contact you to proceed with your application.