Anubis Series Laptop

If you enjoy powerful machines that offer you high-end experience, then you will love Anubis Series Laptop. This device provides some amazing configuration, which might not be an ideal solution for average users. It seems that the manufacturer has designed this laptop for people who love gaming, multitasking, or simply having a device that will offer them maximum performance.

We offer fantastic package plans, so the end-user can change configuration and adjust it according to his or her needs. Make sure to visit our page and decide on a deal that will meet your demands. You can contact us for additional assistance, and our team of experts will help you make the right decision.

Powerful 15.4inch gaming laptop with all the performance you need, 8600m GS 256MB graphics

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  • Suspend from ram supported!
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8600M GS 256MB memory (Supported by nvidia driver)
  • Compiz Works, TV out works, Twinview dual monitor works.
  • Monitor: 15.4 inch widescreen 1280×800 resolution
  • Monitor brightness by keypress or software control works
  • Sound: Onboard Intel 82801H (Supported by snd_hda_intel driver)
  • Front headphone port works, microphone does not.
  • Network: Onboard Realtek 8169SC Gigabit Lan (Supported by r8169 driver)
  • USB: Onboard Intel 82801H Usb controller (Supported by uhci_hcd/ echi_hcd driver)
  • Firewire: Onboard Ricoh Firewire (supported by ieee1394 driver)
  • Hard disk: Onboard Intel Controllers (Supported by achi driver)
  • Bluetooth: Onboard AsusTek Controller (Supported by hci_usb driver)
  • Card Reader: Onboard Ricoh (Supported by sdhci driver)
  • Webcam: Onboard Ricoh (Not currently Supported)
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Size: 362(W)x268(D)x28.5-39(H)mm
  • Battery: 6-cell Li-On