Ai Application In Online Tech Support Business

Anyone in tech support business knows how much energy this profession tends to consume. However, what if we could implement AI into tech support, to improve the performance of our business. This could save your team members a lot of time, and they will be able to focus on the more pressing matters since the majority of these requests repeat all the time and are usually easy to solve.

Now, let’s see in which way AI can improve your tech support business.

A machine learning chatbot

Clients’ requests tend to be more or less the same. Therefore, the staff is stuck in solving high volume tasks to basic password resets. However, recently, one company came up with an idea to manage those everyday requests differently without compromising user’s satisfaction.

A machine learning chatbot

They have managed to create a solution which has AI implemented and that could possibly assist clients in fixing software and hardware issues without tech support intervention. It involves a highly intelligent chatbot, that features advanced framework.

The framework includes various language processing methods, analyses log data, classifies algorithms, and many more. For instance, if a client types, “I have difficulties accessing the lead management system,” then the chatbot understands his request and offers a possible solution.

User’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal

After offering the initial proof that this system actually works, the chatbot was programmed to initiate and solve various requests.

When testing chatbot’s problem-solving skills, the system asked a client whether the problem was solved. The chatbot was programmed to engage in three interactions. If the problem still remained, then it was instructed to pass the request to tech support staff.

A machine learning

Since the chatbot has all the relevant information, the human personnel will have more details and decide necessary steps that need to be taken to complete this process. This saves a lot of time and allows the company to draft a more sophisticated report.

The tech support company can increase efficiency

Even though AI is still new, it could solve everyday problems, even issues which require human interaction. If you are still considering to switching to AI, then here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself and see whether employing AI helps you save time.

How much time do you need for those day-to-day requests? Keep in mind that this category involves everything, from the initial response to filling out errors, or performing troubleshoot steps.

Do you require quick patterns to solve upcoming tasks? For instance, if ten members of your staff work on the same request, how fast they can come up with a pattern that will point out to a more significant problem that has to be fixed.

  • How often do you offer the same answers to multiple end-users?
  • What low-level requests interrupt your high-profile issues?

If you have experienced more than one situation, then you could undoubtedly benefit from using AI. The chatbot can evaluate tasks, provide answers to clients, and inform the human staff about requests it was unable to fix.