Top Six Tech Support Service In 2019

The best tech support businesses are challenging to find, and you often have to navigate through some of the worst, before you can find the best. As technology improves, the need for tech support continuously grows.

Nowadays, the majority of companies have integrated in-house software and hardware solutions that require constant maintenance. For that reason, finding a suitable tech support service can increase your productivity and eventually profit.

So, let’s review some of them and help you find a company that offers a wide range of services.

24/7 Techies

24/7 Techies operates in various countries, such as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the UK. It provides services to both customers and small-to-medium businesses, and they are proficient in PC and Mac systems and software. Additionally, they offer support for online tools such as Google Apps and smartphones.

They charge annually $159.95 for a single computer but also supply businesses with cloud, server, and marketing solutions.



AskPCExperts offers a wide range of brand-specific services for various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, digital audio players, and smartphones. They provide different membership options for individuals and small businesses, with a significant reduction in price if you sign a two-year contract.

This company offers services that are available for both businesses and homes. Their representatives will come and set up a router, voice-over-IP, and network security. Depending on your requirements, AskPCExperts offers various plans and reasonable prices for its services.


Previously known as iTok, Bask now offers three different plans, silver, gold, and diamond. In addition to plans, you are required to pay a setup fee. Customers are mostly satisfied with Busk, claiming they have excellent knowledge of tech support.

Office with white collar workers working on computers

However, keep in mind that these plans cover only the basic requirements, such as PC optimization, adding new devices, and virus clean-up. On the other hand, more advanced services are charged on a fixed basis, unless you have a Platinum service coverage.

Geek Squad

According to customers, Geek Squad is one of the best and most reputable tech support company. They provide the most comprehensive and advanced Mac and Windows assistance, as well as protection plans for all your devices. Even though the initial set up is a bit pricy, the monthly fee is quite affordable and includes unlimited 24/7 remote service.

Their range of services covers internet security, network assistance, device setup, and agent access in-store, over the phone and online.

OmniTech Support

OmniTech Support targets individuals and small businesses by offering service plans which include various devices. Their services involve PC clean-up, virus removal, Wi-Fi setup, and troubleshooting.

However, the price is a bit high, with nearly $300,00 for their annual fee, you are likely to find a company that offers the same, for the smaller price.

With, you can choose to subscribe to their services or pay one-time fixes. However, there is a catch, as single PC diagnose-and-repair can cost you almost $130,00. On the other hand, you can opt for 24/7 support, starting at $19,99 per month, six months minimum.